InFBC BV, our approach to our customers and their privacy is completeclarity that begins with a privacy policy that uses simple language.We want our customers to have a complete understanding of how theirinformation is collected, used and stored, without getting boggeddown in confusing jargon and fine print.

Ifyou are new to FBC BV, or have been with us for a while but have notconsulted with the T&C in years, it is important to read thispolicy, making sure you understand everything. As long as you have aFBC BV account with us, please keep visiting from time to time toreceive updates and keep the information fresh in your mind. If weever make major policy changes, we will contact you and inform you.

Byaccepting this Privacy Policy, you confirm that you have fully readand understand how FBC BV uses your personal information, as set outin this policy.


Referencesin this Privacy Policy to "FBC BV", "we", "us"or "our". FBC BV, as the data controller, determines thepurposes and the means to process your information.


Forgeneral inquiries, please contact our Customer Service team by emailor live chat. For more specific questions regarding your personalinformation or how we use it, you can contact our Data ProtectionOfficer (DPO) at [email protected].


Thepersonal information ("Personal Data") about you that wecollect includes:

Theinformation you provide to us during the account registration processfor any of our products and services ("Services") and anyadditional information you submit through your use of our Services,for example in forums, chat rooms, comment sections or in response toquestionnaires and questionnaires.

Yourinteractions with our customer service team (for example, chat, phonecalls, emails).

Detailsof your participation in our surveys or promotions and yourcommunications through our Services.

Devicedata you use to access and use the Services. For example, mobilenetwork information, location data, IP address, browser type,hardware model, operating system and version, software and uniquedevice identified.

Yourresponse to marketing campaigns, from us or from third parties, thatis, when you open / click on such emails.


Weuse the information we collect from you to provide, maintain, protectand improve our Services, develop new ones and protect FBC BV andyourself. We also use this information to provide you withpersonalized content, such as sending you more relevant promotionaloffers.

Weuse your data to:

OtherPurposes: We may be required to use and retain personal informationto prevent loss and to protect our rights, privacy, security orproperty, or those of others in accordance with our legitimateinterests.

Wemay also collect information about you from third parties, such asour partners, service providers and publicly available websites, inorder to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. This keepsthe data up-to-date and accurate, provides you with products andservices relevant to your interests, and enhances your experiencewith our services.


Wemay use the services offered by trusted third parties to process yourinformation. These services include customer service, informationtechnology, payments, sales, marketing, data analysis, research, andsurveys.

Wemay also share your personal information with the followingorganizations to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations:

Lawenforcement agencies, regulators and other authorities.


Wewill ensure that your personal data is protected and is only used forreasonable purposes.

Wewill store your data as long as you remain a customer with us.

Ifyou cease to be a customer with us, we will retain your data for theminimum time required to fulfill any purpose set forth in this policyand any relevant legal or regulatory obligations.


Weunderstand that online security and data protection is a vital areafor all of our customers, so it is important to us that you haveconfidence in the security of your personal data before registeringan account. We are committed to employing security measures toprotect your information from access by unauthorized persons and toprevent accidental or illegal processing, disclosure, destruction,loss, alteration, and damage. Our technology security solutions arehighly advanced and governed by a mature framework.


Wemay update this policy from time to time, so please review itfrequently. If any material changes are made to this Privacy Policy,we will use reasonable efforts to inform you in advance by email,notices on our website or other agreed communication channels. Wewill notify you of the changes in advance, giving you adequate timeto consider and understand the changes before they take effect.

Wewill not apply material changes to the Privacy Policy without yourexpress consent. If you do not accept the changes to the PrivacyPolicy, or do not accept the changes in time, we may not be able tocontinue to provide you with some or all of the products andservices.